20 something fashion enthusiast
wandered from the south [ok the suburbs] to see what the city had to offer
designer by day, blogger by night
 finding unique opportunities [& the like] in the strangest of places 
all things that sparkle and shine fascinate me but mostly distract me.
avid window shopper and compulsive shopper
i may have little space in my shoebox of an apartment, but every shoe and accessory has it's place
so here i can vent and share all my fashion adventures
I'm in the prime of my life and you only live once.

follow if you please in this wonderfully random yet strangely beautiful blog.



  1. Really like your blog. I got here from LC's blogger forum. How on earth did you get those awesome Follow Me's? I have been trying to improve my blog and just learning. Any tips? You can check out my blog www.allthingsaliyah.blogspot.ca

    1. Hi Aliyah,

      I checked out your blog, and I think the one thing to always remember is to be true to yourself and find your niche (the thing about your blog that connects you to your readers.) I def thing you are off to a great start, if anything i would recommend not having bright type against a black background as it's hard on the eyes to read. Other than that keep up the good work, and def keep posting regularly!