Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Camo Overload

Talk about a major trend alert, I can't look at a blog or even a website without there being the slightest hint of Camouflage. Mama can't lie, I kinda like it. Stud it, wash it out, destroy it , even pant it. Camo might serve as a third piece but it is literally everywhere!

Here, Here , Here

I think its the little details that make a camo inspired outfit original. Example one: the studded details on Shea's cam shirt, brings a little edge to an already militial look. I love how Karla plays down her camo, pairing it with a slouchy sweatshirt. But most wearable would def be of how Kenza uses her camo as a third piece-mucho cute!

Whats so great about these three looks is how each camo look is paired with a pop or contrasting color. I love how mellow Helena's look is with the green on green element, and how Krystal pairs hers with red pumps in the second two looks.

Here , Here , Here

Again another edgy series. I love the contrast of Shea's textured sweater against the pattern of camo (with a hint of animal)- yum. I've always been a huge fan of Aimee's style and how huge her selection of clothing is- the bold text on the sweater layered over chambray and camo is a huge statement to say in the least! Another great example of effortless style definitely goes to Jules and her  interpretation of Camo- layering it on an opposing printed shift. Talk about Uh-mazing!

Here , Here , Here

The most wearable collection of looks. I love how Zina uses hers as a third piece in a more edgy look, while Cara makes a rather princess-y look more edgy (3). Zina also calls for an easy go-to-work look pairing it with a simple chambray shirt and some statement jewelry.

Here , Here , Here

This capsule is great in the detail factor again- a fur stole, a neon scarf, or a brilliant blue blazer.

I don't know about everyone else, but I literally see something Camo inspired walking the streets of New York everyday. Is it worth the plunge, or overdone?

I mean I can't complain, I've never met a Camo I didn't like (especially when in uniform.)

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  1. Camo is taking over :)