Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lately Saturdays are for adventures. I found myself on W. 25th St between 6th and 7th at The Garage. I had no real idea of how phenomenal this place was reading up on their website until I walked down the slope of this transformed parking garage.

Let's just say it was better and way larger than the other markets I visited last weekend combined. I forgot to get pictures of the venue but i did happen to pick up a couple of good finds:

The Locket, c. the 1920's, is made up of intertwined Gold vines with little diamonds standing as flowers. The "dirtiness" definitely adds character. Hopefully I'll find an antique gold chain that suits it beautifully.

The man I purchased the locket from instantly knew I was not a New Yorker, and it turns out he's originally from a city not too far from where I went to university.

I bought 4 keys. All original skeleton keys. All different colors. Each with beautiful potential.

I can only imagine the couple I purchased the keys from knew little about them, I mean come on they had boxes upon boxes full of them. The most i got out of them was I'll give you a deal, the more you buy. Whatever makes you happy.

Upon making my purchases, I found myself questioning the original owners of these pieces. What's the story of the woman that originally wore this gorgeous locket, was her lover leaving for war when she originally received it? There's a certain level of romance incorporated into any vintage piece you happen to stumble upon. Whatever the story, I'm sure there is a ton of sentiment and memories woven within the layers of this locker.

All I know is that I intend to make visits to The Garage on a regular basis. It definitely was the beginning to a beautiful summer Saturday!

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