Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have this innate ability to wander around and find things that I find of great interest. Luckily I came across these beautiful pieces of history, to some extent, im assuming.

And so it commences. The great thing about growing up in the suburbs is that everything seems a little more down to earth. So when you wander to a huge city and return home, you are more likely to find things of value and/or interest. In the case of visiting a friends house and waiting like an hour for her to get ready, I came across this beauty of a phone circa the 1960's from what i recall. But what I think makes this sincere is the face that it still works- dial tone, ring, and rotary dial (?) Although dissapointingly it is rarely used and sits idly waiting for use. Which i think is the beauty of this mint condition piece of machinery. It exists as a memory of the past, a modern memory. A reminder of the origins of all the technological advances that live in this household. But it also serves to humble, that's what makes it special. And that's why I play with that phone every time i return to their house.

Secondly an image of the wall at All Saints in Soho. For me personally, I found a greater connection to the architecture and decorative elements of the store rather than the clothing within the store. And because my background is in fashion, I have a profound interest and appreciation of the sewing machine, at all stages and ages. I would love to have an industrial Singer machine circa whatever time period all of these originated. But for now I will appreciate the machine handed down by my grandmother from my great grandmother that sits idly in their house until I find a means of transporting it from Virginia. It's amazing thinking of what things were crafted using the machine under her nimble hands and watchful eyes. But whats ever cooler is that it all folds up to what looks like a stationary cabinet, so it serves both form and function. Always holds a place in my heart.

Lastly an image of this rugged slightly destructed house in Brooklyn. A friend of mine and I were adventuring among the vintage stores in Williamsburg, and because I am so great with directions I managed to get us lost and right in front of this beauty of a house. I don't really have much to say about it other than it seems slightly out of place for the area and culture that exists. But I think it brings some level of beginnings to this area, for those that care to stop and appreciate it as they are passing by.

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