Saturday, February 9, 2013

NYFW Recap One

So it's my favorite biannual time of year, Fashion Week. Which means the b*tches of the town are in full force across New York City [and I'm way underdressed - No Big Deal.] But it also means there's tons of beautiful frocks and inspiration by the hour donning the runway.

Hello recap numero uno:
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The top contender thus far definitely goes to Veronica Beard. With layering to the max, and easy neutrals paired with warm hues- what more could you ask for... More importantly when can I buy the EXACT outfit in the middle? Love it.

Theres a special place in my heart for the easy yet edgy feel of the Gryphon collection. I love how they mastered a jewel toned palette by pairing it with fur stoles. Casual yet chic.

Kate Spade brought an unusual pop of color, reminiscent of the taxi cabs lining these busy streets. The bright and bold looks paired perfectly with oversized bows, textured fabrics, and leopard inspired prints.

 The Juicy Couture collection was super wearable, [[unfortunately I didn't love how spring-y it turned out.]] Don't get me wrong I love everything about what they brought to the table with the coated denim, placed prints superimposed on stripes, and bold slogans across their tees. But I got chills thinking about wearing rolled up jeans this season.

The ease of this seasons Organic by John Patrick collection reminded me of how much I look forward to viewing his line up every season. And I must say he never ceases to amaze me. The neutral based runway was comforting in large oversized sweatshirts {don't you love that hot pink frock?} and form fitting skirts.

Kelly Wearstler definitely brought on the prints, and man did she layer them well. I love how consistent she is with bringing a certain level of sophistication to an otherwise edgy collection. The distressed denims, textured tweeds, and coated bottom weights were equally yummy.

There has been a special place in my heart for Rebecca Minkoff, ever since I purchased my first M.A.C. purse last fall. Not to mention that I've loved her collections for the past few seasons! The models were styled so effortlessly in this collection with the heavy textured tweeds, printed bottom weights, and form fitting garments.

A bit removed from my taste, but Tess Giberson brought a level of edge that I was super comfortable with. It may be the layering of differing textures, or the fact that everything looked so cozy. But for once, I must admit that I'm not against the [pretty much] all over black collection.

I may be a New Yorker and will never admit this again, but there's nothing about wearing all black everything that I admire. Naturally, thats why my top picks had minimal amounts of black, admittedly I am a spring person. [Give me color.] 

Give me too much black- complete turn off. Thanks winter, I officially hate you. 

Tune in for more of my top picks as the rest of Fashion Week unravels!


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