Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Faster and Faster I Should Run

... Faster and faster from your arms.

Janelle Monae, although fairly unfamiliar in this day and age, she offers a unique styling in both dress and music. In a time where musicians fail to stand apart from their counterparts, Janelle Monae manages to bring classic Motown vocals to a fun upbeat sound. It is rare to find such a phenomenon other than Lady Gaga, that is able to survive without excessive help from computers and synthesizers.

Upon reading an editorial about this up and coming talent, I instantly searched for her music and came upon her introductory album Metropolis: The Chase Suite(2008). I immediately fell in love with Sincerely, Jane , it's starts off low and mellow but out of nowhere the beat and volume pick up. This song is a good balance of everything I appreciate in music, and I highly suggest to anyone whose looking for something modern with a soulful flair.

With the introduction of her latest album, The ArchAndroid (2010), she brings the same feeling in several more upbeat tracks. At least shes consistent. Honestly I can't get enough of it, just play on repeat.

Needless to say it is refreshing to stumble across one of her songs on a bad (slow) day.

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