Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYFW Top 5

Ok, by 5 I mean 4, as of now. Hopefully the concluding shows of Fashion Week will really wow me. But as of now i must highlight my faves of the season.

Alice & Olivia (via Style.com)
One Word: Refreshing
Compared to the lull of whites, overly pastel, and neutral collections evident all over the runway, Alice & Olivia really put their best foot forward in the development of this collection. Although soft, the colors are way vibrant, each look is beautifully styled, and just as equally simple.

Look 1 is beautifully paired with the hues of mint blue and poppy yellow- easily a work ensemble easily taken to cocktails after work. Look 2 is clean and refined with a pretty basic clean white boat neck dress with a hint of charcoal black peaking through at the hem. Look 3 is ultimate 70's chic- A tonal vibrant red placement print seems bold against this rose colored floor length dress. Look 4 is so on trend its absolutely ridic - a salmon blazer over a poppy yellow bow front crop top and the perfect cerulean HIGH waisted pant.

All i can say is I love this collection, and the beautiful color palette, kudos to you Stacey Bendet.

Jen Kao (via Style.com)

A safari meets the clean runways of Lincoln Center. I commend Kao on her experimentation with prints and colors; they make sense in a nonsensical way- kind of like Dr.Seuss (but that's another discussion.) The colors evident in most pieces were toned perfectly thus that each look didn't look to cray with all the zig zags, checkerboards, striping, and sporadic placements. 

Look 1 so subtely makes sense, it lack much explanations- a printed tank, pencil skirt, and kimono style paired layered with novelty laced pieces strategically engineered on top. Look 2 is a different story, grunge meets brooklyn street style, a grey sharkbite tank is paired with printed shorts and tiered fly away ( or maybe its a scarf, whose to say???) Look 3 really speaks to my girdle - i adore the combination of the printed short and high-low crop top.

Although a little cray-cray i think these looks are definitely wearable, well for those that dare.

L.A.M.B (via Style.com)

The return of the serene rocker.
G.Stef def put her thinking cap on when producing this collection. It's like the introduction of the serene rocker, provided that that's not too much of a DOUBLE NEGATIVE. The collection displayed a variety of easy separates, via two tone prints and simple silhouettes.

Look 1 is the NSFW type of outfit that could easily be paired with some solid stockings to soften it up for the workplace. Look 2 is my understanding of sex, give me a big bold tie-dyish print paired with textured leather any day and I'm set. Look 3 is just simple, i think it's really the messy bun and model's facial expression that do it for me. Look 4 is a stroll in the park, I may not be a fan of onesies, or rompers, or whatever the updated footed pajama is, but this look is easily wearable. (Except for the fact that it is two separate pieces and I just JEDI mind TRICKED you.)

So last but not least, I present:
Prabal Gurung (via Style.com)

They always taught us to put a strong piece at the end of our portfolio, and that's exactly how I feel about Prabal Gurung's collection. Talk about WEARABLE ART, ok maybe to fancy parties only, but still. Purple used to be my favorite color, and I always find it makes the boldest statement in any runway piece, especially on the right body and in the right tones. Hello perfection, it's found for this season. But more importantly theres feathers, tons and tons of feathers, or something favoring feathers on like 3 looks, it's really nbd.

But really since there's nothing shiny and sparkly that says cha-ching, I'll take feathers.

End. and Over It.

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