Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Essentials

Rummaging around my closet [by closet i mean the ridiculous amount of clothes i have in chests of drawers] I thought it only right to exhibit my fall essentials:

Clockwise from Left: SpiritHoods in Snowleopard, American Rag Cropped Tank and Novelty Sweater Vest, Brandy Melville Fringe Purse, & Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Wedge.

If I could I would totes wear all of these together but frankly I'd look like a hot hippie mess [who knows this may be okay if i wander the likes of Williamsburg, kidding except not really, i love W-Burg.

I absolutely adore my Spirit Hood even if it doesn't see the light of day, I think it's just too pretty to wear anywhere except an invite only SpritHood party, you know BYO-SH. Ill keep this party on the hush for now. Alternately the Brandy Melville bag is my go to purse; its a small and compact crossbody that only holds my essentials- which saves me from carrying a lot of useless stuff day-to-day. My Jeffrey Campbell's are my absolute fav- my goal is to collect one pair every season until I have the ultimate collection. They are super comfy, slightly outrageous and I get compliments on the reg. <--- [From boys too. Go figure.]

All i know is it's time for a clothes swap, or renovation of my current collection of clothing. Any volunteers to buy me new clothes? [Only kidding, not really.]

Peace & Goodnight loves.

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