Wednesday, November 2, 2011

THE Pig is Back

The most treasured memory of my childhood would without a doubt have to be the cartoons. Don't get me wrong I was by no means the average tv or technology junkie of today's child, but if cartoons were the latest gossip column then I was for sure on top of it.

Which brings me to today's discussion, the infamous Ms. Piggy:

Talk about an impressive come back. Ms. Piggy is featured in the November 2011 issue of InStyle in the likes of Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Brian Atwood, Suno, Opening Ceremony, and Giles and Brother. Of course, i featured my fave-sies images  for the blog, but major credit to the remaining designers.

In the meantime, lets look at the major transformation of Ms. Piggy:

Early90's as a wee baby.

 Bleek beginnings as a baby featured in Jim Hensen's "The Muppet Babies." Unfortunately the show was an animated version, but the puppeteer-ing always suited her [in my opinion.]

Early 90's, pictured with Kermit.

Crazy shenans featured on Jim Hensen's "The Muppet's." I always got a kick out of her obsession with Kermit, Hensen and the other writers really portrayed the emotions of a real woman yearning for love. But even better he always listened to her, oh a girl can dream. [Swoon!]

To now.

Major Props to Mrs. Piggy, girl you better work it from head to toe. [What am i saying puppets don't have toes.] Regardless, a facelift, some thinning out of the curves, and a fresh face have made Ms.Piggy cameo-ready for the upcoming Muppets movie. Not to mention all of the fabulous one off creations by some courageous designers.

Catch this inspirational editorial in the latest InStyle, its well worth a few bucks.

In retrospect, think about how the muppets and really any cartoon character of the 90's:

 Example: Katy Perry featured in a 2009 issue of People Magazine.

And mom always said too much television was bad for me 
[Even though I'm as blind as an *ing bat}... guess she was wrong!

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  1. I love Miss Piggy, I'm just mad she started rocking Chanel before me lol. I came across your blog on the IFB site. You can check mine out at