Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Season's Delight

Sweater:Unknown || Dress:Urban Outfitters- Staring at Stars || Bandeau:Brandy Melville || 
Leggings: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Rack Room
Necklace:Shashi || Bracelets:Shashi/Brandy Mellvile/Your's Truly || Rings: Gifted over the years

Excuse the over exposure of these images, my beautiful new camera took these pictures from the back porch of the gparents house late Chrismy evening.

Now that was more than a mouthful. I am after all a believer of run-on sentences and imperfect grammar especially when it makes the most amount of sense in the weirdest kind of way.

Think on that.
Wintry beginnings mean one thing, layers- tons of them. This happens to be one of the rare times I've actually matched a day in my life. And i happened to be super comfortable in my excessively baggy attire- hint hint for some of us it makes us look thinner. Just Saying.

Side note, with the ridic amount of holidays in these fallish kind of winterish month's there seems to be a ton of animal traveling. Breaks my heart, in the few flights i took over the holidays, I saw but one sad little pup in his traveling bag looking all pathetic like on the SUBWAY. Yeah i meant it, I heard more crying babies than traveling pets. Where did the puppies go y'all?
Luckily this is not that poor puppy, but it is after all my cousin. Yup, I meant it, by default this pooch is my cousin because it belongs to my uncle. No regrets here, sweetest dog ever and I miss him already.

Now I will continue on with listening to some poorly written pop music of the nineties and pretend read a book. 

Night B. Yes each and every one of you.

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