Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Uplift

 WILDFOX S/S '12 White Label || Planet Blue Feb '12 || TNA Spring '12

Studies show, stepping outside for fresh air can uplift the spirits during the work day. Coincidentally I got the rare opportunity to venture out of the office to do some research, yeah that's the word for it, research. Any who, a colleague/myworkbestfriend and I met with a vibrant 60-something fabric connoisseur  slash the best story teller I've ever met thus far in life. Talk about a real Sex & the City type encounter with a grandma aged Carrie Bradshaw. Any who we stumbled into a vast library of vintage swatches from all over the globe. I won't divulge much about this encounter, rather, express how invigorating this experience was to a hopeful designer. Some may even say it was sexual. I apologize for my use of this term, my friend Fro, who y'all have yet to meet says it much more enthusiastically then i ever will, so consider it a whisper coming from me.

Anyways not to venture too far from my point ... It has been a while since I've been exposed to so many unique ditsy florals, yarn dye plaids, indigo's, and conversationals in my life. Yes, that may have been the largest understatement of the year, I have such things available to me 5 days a week--> (by that I mean work.)But this is far beyond the point, and I don't wish to continue on...

But this got me thinking, really got those creative juices in my head flowing, and happened to help me recall the recent announcement of the Pantone color of the year. Drum roll please ... Tangerine Tango. Just the little kick i needed in my non-existent pants. As an ebony complexioned individual, I mean we might as well cut to the chase, all things in the orange, pink, yellow family tend to bounce radiantly off of my beautifully bronzed skin. And let me tell you ladies and gents, I am completely natural. This dancing orange made me extra enthused to look for pops of color all over the interwebs. Luckily for me, I hadn't the faintest recollection of which shows had the brightest pops of colors. (Let me tell you how dreary and depressing the Europe runways were with all that black, blah.) So I took a shortcut to brands and stores I rather enjoy browsing on the rare occasion I can do trend research, which is basically everyday.

Enter Wildfox, if it werent for this oversized boyfriend sweater and obnoxious printed love flag, i wouldn't be proud to announce i have found love at the meer age of twenty-four. The ombre/dip dyed hair and white platforms really set it off for me, maybe that or the fact that this is a back shot. Yup, I said it and meant it. Lastly, TNA offers a subdued outfit of chambray, a heathered sweat-y, and colored denim. If there's one thing I've learned about spring trending, colored bottoms are super important, sadly I haven't hopped on the colored denim train and I'm not too scared to admit it. I much prefer my colorless grey skinnies from Uniqlo circa 2010, if you couldn't tell that means they are old, but not ripping at the seams yet. Add some rolled cuffs and neutral ankle booties and you got yourself one good looking hipster.

Secondly and most importantly, we have a pastel option provided by no other than Planet Blue's Valentine's Day Catalogue. If it werent for the predominance of pastels and neons all over this glorious city's streets, I woudn't know what to do with myself. Personally, I am a huge fan of all things not vibrant, sure hit me with a pop of color, but I much prefer the basics. This look is all things wonderful: lace to knit mixing, patterned bottoms, and huge platform booty. Although you wont catch me in any form of short unless I'm found drowning at the beach, I give props to those that dare to bare the leg. This is the perfect pairing of color, texture, and print.

And with that folks, I do bid you goodnight, one can only trail off for so long.

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