Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Urban Trending?

No, Turban Trending!

I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon, well at least not right away. But, I have a vision, (Eyes closed, one hand to forehead, other pointing to the future,) that: Turbans will be huge this season, with the beginning of summer music festivals beyond the horizon. You see that illusion I made to psychics there. Yeah because when i think of Turbans, I think back to that creepy little machine at the county fair with an over-sized psychic lady encased in glass, that gives you a prediction with a little money incentive.

Anywho, lets look to the interwebs for inspiration. MK Olsen has been rocking a good Turban here and there, maybe to diffuse a bad idea, maybe a lack of care to do her real hair. Whose to say? Then comes the next evolution- yes ill treat this like gorillas or whatever primate human's evolved from. Let me tell you I got an incredible history lesson about sloths today, apparently they are not in the monkey family, rather the bear family, if that makes any sense.

Off track? Yes! Connection? Indubitably. While turning my tricks on the fashion industry, you know designing clothes and the like, i got an earful from a colleague. So ... then we have well say the turban-ized headband. Because what runway wouldn't look good without an updated turban with a bow. Here I introduce Stella Jean's Spring 2012 collection which debuted some fantastic print mixing and color blocking by means of her cultural roots of Creole descent. Tricky tricky, we share history, and by default i love everything she will come up with going forward. Yes, that is called nepotism, but not really because I seriously doubt were related. (Just wanted to try my hand at using strange language and making it related to the topic at hand- me.) Well call it favoritism.

So we have our final stage, the headdress? Jewelry for the head, maybe. Throw some clanky coins, a chain here and there, a little sparkle. and there you have it - a great effortless accessory. Do I think this is THE accessory for all things music festival related? You betcha. Why?

Who really wants that annoying imprint on your forehead from wearing all those bohemian-esque headbands straight across the forehead? Yeah I don't, even though I admit i went through that high school like phase myself in the past year. Do I own of these options? Can't say I do ... yeah i have headbands via my Blair Waldorf phase of college <-- those should be burned. And sure, I'll wrap something around my head at night sometimes, why not. But turban, no. Maybe I'll catch on to this craze sooner or later, but for now I think it just gives me a fivehead and a hot head.
(This may also be me revolting because i missed both SXSW and Ultra. Not to mention, Coachella sold out faster than I could save some money.... but whose keeping tabs?) So it's safe to say later, if ever.

But to those that are willing to take a fashion risk. Go for it. Its super cute in tribal/urban prints.
Heres some great options .... http://goodsie.com/store/cultgaia/

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