Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweatshirt Styling

By now I'm sure y'all know I tend to be late to the game when it applies to trends. Why? Mostly because I'm a basic girl, I like it simple and easy to layer (slash you could say I'm a bit on the preppy side.) Which brings me to the topic of sportswear, more specifically wording and graphics on sweatshirts. Now this may not be new to most, but I love how cute and flirty this trend has become lately. I can't even look at a blog without at least seeing one post referring to the sweatshirt. So here's some of my favorites: 

Can we say simple and monotone? I love how The Brooklyn Blonde paired this sequined Ampersand sweater with a clean striped and pleated skirt. It's cute, flirty, and something that could easily be paired with tights for a chilly fall day like today. (As a fellow New Yorker, I love looking to her for inspiration when this weather seems otherwise unbearable.)

A bit on the edgier side, but equally cute, I love the  different textures in this varsity inspired look. I admit, I never understood the whole "numbered" look on anything other than a football uniform, but I love how delicate this look is with the layering of a non-print print dress and wool jacket.

Short and sweet I love the "Ooh la la" wording on this soft sweater from Zoe Karssen. Caitlin completes this look with some tights, blazer, and skater skirt with a POP of red. This is the perfect interpretation of how I would translate this trend!

You notice a theme here? Polka dots for days! I love this micro polka pencil skirt with this sweatshirt. (And can you believe its from Old Navy? They are really stepping their game up!) As corporate as this outfit looks, it could easily transition into evening cocktails. And I love everything about it.

On to the last one, and only one paired back to denim. First and foremost, I wish I could wear a pair of white jeans without making a complete fool of myself destroying them. Secondly, don't you love how casual this look is? Another muted outfit pairing a one word statement sweatshirt and flashy jewels. Maybe I'm just attracted to the shine, maybe it's just super wearable, who knows.

Are you up on the trend? I'd love to see how everyone else is translating the sweat-shirting look!



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