Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plaid Blues

Fall is by far my favorite season because -cue drum roll- I have a slight obsession with plaid. Don't get me wrong, plaid is pretty sparse in my wardrobe but I manage to mix it up as many ways as possible. Sadly the weather doesn't exactly match the [actual] season today as the temperature was pushing mid seventy today; needless to say I still wore this lovely blue flannel frock. To lighten my look, I chose to pair it with a pastel tank and accessories. 

I can't stop there, I absolutely adore these rugged Aldo boots I purchased from the outlets last winter.  There is no doubt in my mind I will wear these out, I find absolutely any reason to wear them when the weather cools down...Side Note: Did I mention how amazing these skinnies are from Zara? Jeans that fit my tall yet slim physique, are far and rare, I casually spotted these on one of my various shopping adventures and was surprised at how wonderfully they fit. [So naturally I also bought a pair in a delicious Olive Green, and am thinking of getting another in color- suggestions?] 

Any who, that concludes today's rant, happy (almost) fall all!!!

Plaid shirt: H&M (old, similar)
Skinnies: Zara
Tank: Forever 21
Boots: Aldo (similar)
Handbag: Be&D
Jewelry: Topshop, South Moon Under, Geneva Watch, Street Vendors & Gifted

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