Monday, January 7, 2013

Cozy Knits

You guessed it, totes not wearing a cozy knit, rather an itchy sweater that fits just the way i like. By itchy I mean wool, and therefore there's nothing you can do but smile. Anywho sorry for the lack of posts, still getting over a bit of a cough. But I'm back!

Not too sure what i was going for with the glasses and all other than the fact I rarely wear them. But i suppose it added a little something extra to an otherwise pretty plain look.

Did I mention the newest addition to my collection of Michael Kors items that I don't need. Hey watch hey, I've found love in this rose gold beaut.

And my new pants, thanks to my lovely roommate. I must admit that I wasn't always the biggest fan of colored pants, but it's def a trend that will continue on through 2013. Luckily I have a few pairs under my belt now!

Sweather: Topshop
Tank: Forever21
Jeggings: Express
Boots: Aldo
Purse/Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Cue awkward pose. I'm pretty sure it's my signature.


  1. Luv the purse & watch.